Below is some of my work from the past few years. Click on a project to learn more about it.

Public spaces, while essential in communities, are evaluated with a wide variety of measurement tools. This research report, funded by the William Penn Foundation, looks at the tools which are available and the lenses (economic, health, community development, and more) these tools use for evaluation.


In collaboration with Hamil Pearsall, PhD; Stephen Dickinson; and Kyle Cruz, through Temple University College of Liberal Arts Geography and Urban Studies Department. 


Using my experience in visual storytelling and planning, I've successfully facilitated youth PhotoVoice community engagement efforts with teenagers. Photos made by neighborhood teens allowed them to explore their interactions with their neighborhoods in a new way and artistic way, share their unique perspectives, and aided in understanding area assets and needs.

These projects also involved coordination and collaboration between educational, institutional, and governmental partners to produce, display, and preserve the work as a historical record. 

DGA is a self-guided historic walking tour through a neighborhood commercial and industrial corridor that was once home to ice cream, candy, and furniture factories, as well as neighborhood services and shops. As the community faces increasing development pressures, they wanted to preserve the stories that existed. This project was the Capstone Project for the Tyler Community Development Class of 2020.

As of Fall 2020, signage has been added along the corridor, and users can scan a QR code for the tour web page to learn more about each site!